Hello everyone, my name is Devynn although most of you probably know me as @blueeyedequestrian from Instagram. Welcome to my blog, The Blue-Eyed Equestrian! On here you’ll be able to find reviews on products, companies, and much more!

I’ve always loved blogging, it first started with reading. I’d then met some bookish friends through Bookstagram and at bookish events who did things like blogging and Booktube. I never had the software for a Booktube so I took up blogging. I made a Bookstagram and blog called Booking Around where I’d read and review books, author interviews, cover reveals, and unboxings. Although, as things with my horses got more busy it meant less time for reading and even less time for reviewing. It began to feel more like a chore, especially when I’d binge read. After taking some time away from the book blogging scene, focusing on my horses, and going back to reading for fun, I quickly realized that I missed blogging. It was then when I decided to start up an equestrian blog. I can blog about things I love without feeling pressured to hurry up and write a book review before my mind senselessly forgets all the important details I just consumed over a mere 4 hours. I still plan to keep up with Booking Around, just a lot less actively then I used to. I might even cross things over to here, who knows!

I hope you guys enjoy this blog of mine, I’m really excited to get started here. If at any point there is something specific you’d like to see then please feel free to comment.


Guess who’s back, back again

Guess who’s back, back again. Shady’s back, tell a friend.

Obviously, I’m not really talking about Slim Shady here but four of my favorite Instagram based brands have sorta been on a hiatus for quite some time now. I’m happy to announce that they’re officially back and coming your way with some super cool products!

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California Fires

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve published any new content and for that, I apologize! Unfortunately, desperate times call for desperate measures right now. I couldn’t think of a better moment to get back into it than during these times.

It’s November 12th, 2018 and this month has been anything but warm and fuzzy for California. We’ve been hit by a slew of tragedies and just can’t seem to catch a break. It started with the shooting at Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, then very shortly after the state basically went up in flames.

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Hygain: Proof is in the Pudding



Amazing photo of me and Rowan showing in our Team Hygain saddle pad at the Temecula Valley National Horse Show III taken by Captured Moment Photography.


Have you ever heard the saying “the proof is in the pudding” or “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”? If not, it basically means that something has to be experienced with results in order to prove how good it is. That is how I feel about Hygain Feeds!

If you’ve been following me for a while then you might be a bit familiar with Rowan and our journey together and have noticed he’s just about always been on the thin side. When I got him he was your typical out-of-shape-hay-belly “fat”. I mean sitting in a stall for a few years and just eating does that to you. When we started bringing him into work he lost all that and became fit. Although, the more fit he got, the more he started looking less fit and more so underfed, which has never been the case. We did run into an issue with ulcers but once those were treated and with the help of O3 Animal Health, he began going back to his fit looking self. No matter how hard I tried I always felt that I couldn’t get past the fit look. He was receiving four flakes of Alfalfa a day from the barn and I would bring him two extra flakes of Orchard each day. On top of that, he was getting his supplements and his extra feed. That consisted of an 8qt bucket full of beet pulp, two scoops of pellets, a heaping scoop of integrity senior, and a scoop of rice bran a day. I use a 3qt scooper. For supplements, he was receiving 1 cup of O3 Animal Health Mega Gain, Source, electrolytes and Cosequin joint supplements. He was not going without by any means. Even if I played around with his feed and gave him extra it didn’t seem to matter. I then pulled the integrity and started feeding him LMF Gentle Balance. I didn’t at all see a difference. A trainer my barn recommended Nutrena Pro Force fuel, being desperate I then took him off the LMF and add two scoops of Nutrena Pro Force Fuel on top of all the other feed. Still, I didn’t really much of a difference.

A few months ago my friend Kristyna recommended something called Hygain. I looked into it and discovered it was an Australian feed that was new to the US. I couldn’t find any feed stores near me that carried it.  I kinda just forgot about it since I couldn’t find anything near me. Then, a little over a month ago my friend Jessica mentioned it to me too. She educated me a little bit on the brand and their feeds. I explained the issues I was having with Rowan so she recommended that I try it out and that she was now working for the company. She came out to see Rowan to assess what feed would be best for him. Upon seeing him she had me put him on Hygain TruCare and TruGain. For the first two weeks, he received a scoop and a half of TruCare in the morning then a scoop and a half of TruCare plus half a scoop of TruGain in the evenings. I pulled him off of all the other feeds he was on and began just using Hygain. After those two weeks, we decided to up his ratios and split his feedings up even more. He now receives one scoop of TruCare at his breakfast feeding, his lunch feeding, and his dinner feeding along with half a scoop of TruGain at his breakfast feeding and dinner feeding. This past week I have also begun giving him a scoop of Showtorque when I’m there. Rowan has literally looked the best he has ever looked. He no longer looks skinny and it has helped him with his topline growth as well. I honestly didn’t think it was possible for Rowan to ever be fat and I can confidently say he is on his way there!

The day Jessica came out to assess Rowan:



Two weeks on Hygain:



A month on Hygain:



Would you look at that, the proof is in the pudding! Hygain has improved his attitude, weight, topline, and overall coat condition!


I mean, would you take another look at that neck and coat!

The photo marking “A Month on Hygain” is two weeks old and he even looks better now then he does there! One of the things that I love so much about Rowan being on TruCare is how much cheaper it’s been for me. TruCare has Vitamin E, Probiotic + Prebiotics, Glucosamine, Biotin, and many more beneficial ingredients in it. Due to that, I have been able to pull him off of a lot of supplements since he is now getting everything he needs in his feed. All I add to his daily feed now is electrolytes. Not to mention I no longer have to be feeding him four different types of feed. Rowan also receives some Hygain Recuperate after hard horse show days or hard schooling days to aid in a rapid recovery!

For those of you in Southern California, you can purchase Hygain through Carter’s Feed in Del Mar or Inland Vet Supply in Norco off of 6th street. If neither of those are near you DM me on Instagram and I can try to help you out!


Interest in learning more about the Hygain feeds I feed Rowan? Well here is a little bit of information I’ve whipped up for you. For more information and to see what else they have to offer, you can explore their website here. They also carry an insulin resistance feed called Zero, a senior feed called Senior, a performance feed called Release (also great for horses prone to tying-up or other muscle related disorders), and an all-around feed called Balanced.

Hygain TruCare

Crude Protein (min) 16 % Selenium (min) 0.3ppm
Lysine (min) 1% Zinc (min) 1590 ppm
Crude Fat (min) 8% Biotin (min) 1.3ppm
Crude Fibre (max) 18% Biotin (max) 1.4ppm
Calcium (min) 0.9% Vitamin A (min) 6045 IU/lb
Calcium (max) 1.1%  Vitamin E (min) 227 IU/lb
Phosphorous (min) 0.5% Vitamin E (max) 250 IU/lb
Copper (min)72ppm Glucosamine (min) 600 ppm
Sodium (min) 0.5% Glucosamine (max) 800 ppm
Sodium (max) 0.6%

HYGAIN TRU CARE® provides a balanced diet of highly digestible fiber, fat and carbohydrates along with essential vitamins and minerals specifically developed to meet the nutritional requirements of mature horse/pony (6 yo +) when in work, at rest or enjoying retirement.


Hygain TruGain

Crude Protein (min) 10 % Selenium (min) 0.45ppm
Crude Fat (min) 20% Selenium (max) 0.5ppm
Crude Fibre (max) 18% Vitamin E (min) 320 IU/lb
Calcium (min) 0.6% Vitamin E (max) 350 IU/lb
Calcium (max) 1%

HYGAIN TRU GAIN® may be used to decrease (partially replace) the amount of grain in your horse’s diet, providing an alternative method of supplying calories. Reduced levels of starch intake may decrease the risk of feed related disorders such as colic, laminitis, acidosis, Equine Metabolic Syndrom and Cushings.



Crude Protein (min) 20 % Selenium (min) 1.2ppm
Lysine (min) 1% Selenium (max) 1.4ppm
Crude Fat (min) 9% Zinc (min) 260 ppm
Crude Fibre (max) 16% Biotin (min) 10ppm
Calcium (min) 0.8% Biotin (max) 11ppm
Calcium (max) 1% Vitamin A (min) 14390 IU/lb
Phosphorous (min) 0.5%  Vitamin E (min) 329 IU/lb
Copper (min) 95ppm Vitamin E (max) 3620 IU/lb
Sodium (min) 0.5% Vitamin B1 (min) 227 IU/lb
Sodium (max) 0.6% Vitamin B1 (max) 250 IU/lb

SHOWTORQUE’s® high fat, non-cereal grain, biotin enriched formula provides topline conditioning, the energy for competition and a healthy GLEAMing coat without the “fizz” associated with a high grain diet. All you have to do is add roughage.


Recuperate Hygain.png

Sodium 3,100mg Vitamin B1 60mg
Magnesium 400mg Vitamin B2 63mg
Calcium 610mg Vitamin B3 270mg
Chloride 8,000mg Vitamin B6 50mg
Potassium 3,500mg Vitamin B12 12.5mg
Vitamin E 510 IU Folic Acid 8.1mg

Premium multi-nutrient paste formulated to aid in the rapid recovery of heavily exercised horses and horses under stress, promoting optimum performance and health. A unique and highly concentrated blend of quality B-group Vitamins, natural Vitamin E and critical electrolytes.

• Post Strenuous Exercise Recovery Supplement

• Highly Concentrated Source of B-Group Vitamins

• Critical Electrolytes For Optimal Performance

• Non-Invasive and Easy To Use

• Rapidly Metabolized and Digested



HYGAIN®’s controlled moisture and pressure cooking process (extrusion) promotes highly efficient digestion and nutrient utilisation and improved feed safety.


Rising Star Equestrian is proudly powered by Hygain Feeds and is Team Hygain!

Rowan’s Journey with O3 Animal Health

Ever since I got Rowan he has been a hard keeper. I basically pour the feed to him and I feel like it isn’t enough. Although there is one supplement that I do feel has helped me out tremendously. I still wish he was a bit fatter but at least now he looks healthy. There was a time where he was very underweight, we found out that it was due to ulcers. We began treating him for ulcers and I put him on O3 Animal Health Mega Gain via recommendation from my friend Zoey. It very much aided in helping Rowan regain a Continue reading

Temecula Valley National Horse Show I



If you follow along with my Instagram then I’m sure you’re aware that Rowan and I competed at week one of the new horse show, Temecula Valley National Horse Show! The Temecula Valley National Horse Show takes place at Galway Downs in Temecula, CA and is ran by Nilforushan Equisport Events. Going into a new horse show series for the first time usually leaves people hesitant because you don’t know what you could be getting into. Is it going to have good management? Will it run efficiently? Will there be more downs then up? There are so many unknown things that could keep people from coming to a new show. I even personally know a trainer who wanted to scope out the show week one to see how things were going before deciding to go for week two or three. I think it was very smart of the show to separate week two and three. There is a nice little break after the first week to give the show time to make some minor tweaks if needed.

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Mary’s Botanicals

I was originally introduced to Mary’s Botanicals over a year ago at American Horse Products in San Juan Capistrano. I was checking out and as most stores do, they have a few small products placed on the checkout counter. Obviously, stores do this to entice you to purchase other items, so they place it right in front of you to ponder about while waiting in line. I fell into that very smart trap. I ride in my helmet every day and sometimes for hours a day, so of course, after awhile, it gets gross, smelly, and very sweaty. I saw this little spray bottle on the counter titled “boot and helmet”. Continue reading

Horse Expo 2018 & Broken Horn English Sale

Sunday March 11th, 2018 I attended the Western States Horse Expo or “Equine Affair” at the Pomona Fairplex. After attending the Horse Expo I went to our local tack store, Broken Horn. They were having an “English” sale so all English items were on sale with 20%+ savings! There was a few items I desperately needed and couldn’t find at the Horse Expo so we went to Broken Horn or as I call it, “Broken Wallet”.

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